If you have purchased a SmarTrike at Smyth's Toys and in need of our assistance, please call: 0044 (0) 203 5148561 or email: sales@smart-trike.com

We very much regret that we are unable to help you in this instance. The reason being is that we did not distribute your product in the UK. Smyth's Toys are a distributor that is based in Ireland. As such they have secured their own distribution rights to the SmarTrike range for Ireland. Recently they have begun to open stores in the UK; they supply these stores from their base in Ireland. Please contact Smyth's Toys if you have a problem or query regarding a trike purchased from them.

All our Smart Trike Range is guaranteed for the first six months from the purchasing date, after this replacement parts are chargeable. Smart Trike require proof of purchase such as an image of the retailer receipt for free of charge replacement parts.

Depending on how the product is used, stored and treated will affect how long it will last. Please store away in a dry safe place when not in use and do not leave outside during any weather.

As with bicycles etc. the trikes are subject to wear & tear through normal use.

Not all models and colours of Smart Trike products that can be seen on the smart-trike.com (manufacturer) website are available to purchase in the UK. Some models & colours as exclusive to certain retailers.

When making a query directly to our Customer Service Department you will be asked to supply the batch code from your trike. This is usually located on the back axle or underneath the main body. It is often on a white label and may be hidden when the trike is fully assembled.


There are no nuts, bolts or screws in the box?

There is not a separate bag of nuts & bolts, all nuts, bolts and screws are in the positions they need to be in. For example seat bolt R can be found in one of two holes in the top of the main body. If any are missing then please note the letter from the instructions or the parts that they join together and email to Customer Services via the form on this website.

The holes in my parent handle do not line up with ones in the body to allow the safety pin to thread through?

When attaching the parent handle put it in place and then apply a sharp firm force to the top to align the holes for the pin to go through at the bottom. PLEASE CHECK THAT THE SAFETY PIN HAS BEEN CLICKED SECURELY SHUT EVERY TIME THAT IT IS ATTACHED. If it is not properly secured the pin can work loose leading to the parent handle becoming detached. NEVER PLACE THE ENTIRE WEIGHT OF TRIKE AND CHILD SOLELY ON THE PARENT HANDLE. The parent handle is only for guiding the trike and is not designed to be used to lever the trike up and down steps.

The footrest tucked into the body is stuck?

Place the trike upside down with the front wheel furthest away and the underneath of the body visible. You will see the footrest is a T shape metal bar with a plastic connector at the bottom and a lip that sticks out. Slide the connector toward the back wheels and with your other hand lift the footrest (metal T) out of the body. When at full extension it will click into place then fold the footrests out at right angles. See diagram in Instructions section.

The seat has been attached but wobbles? (Not All In One or Recliner models)

To secure the seat in place on the body of the trike thread the seat bolt R through the seat and both the bottom parts of the fabric straps. Line the bolt up with the front hole in the body if using the rigid harness, making sure the bolt is straight so that it does not cross thread. The hole further back is for when the rigid harness is no longer needed and the child needs more room for their legs.

Press the seat firmly down onto the frame of the body so that it fits snuggly and keeping the pressure up with one hand tighten the bolt using the Allen key provided with the other. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE BOLT. Over tightening of the seat bolt can lead to the seat cracking. Turn the Allen key clockwise until the seat feels secure and does not wobble. It is important to keep the seat pressed down whilst turning the bolt for the most secure fit.

One of the bolts or screws has worked loose?

It is important that all the bolts, screws, push-pins and the safety pin are checked regularly. As with any item subjected to vibrations parts can work loose as part of normal wear & tear.

I can't get the nut & bolt through the hole to attach the front wheel to the handlebars or back axle to the main body of the trike?

On the front fork and handlebars you have a square and a circle hole in each of the two parts. These need to be lined up square-to-square, circle-to-circle. The bolt goes through the square hole.

The handlebars are back to front when assembling them together with the front wheel?

Take the handlebars off the front wheel and take the front wheel out of the body. Turn the front wheel round and put back through body to attach the handlebars the correct way round. The square holes should always be at the front.

I can't attach the back wheels to the axle on my Recliner/Zoo Smart Trike?

Place the axle upright with a back wheel on the top and press down firmly until you can hear a click (make sure you are on a surface that will not be marked), this means the wheel is attached securely. Repeat for the remaining wheel.

Once attached the back wheels on the Zoo & Recliner models cannot be removed from the axle. If a back wheel needs to be replaced for whatever reason all three parts, (both back wheels & the axle) will need to be replaced.

Can I fit a canopy to my model of Smart Trike?

Canopies can be added to some models of Smart Trike that do not come with one if they have a headrest or rigid harness with the holes in for the connectors (depending on the model).

I cannot assemble the front handlebars and the front wheel together on my My First Trike?

Place the handlebars on the front wheel and push the handlebars down as far as they will go, then screw the self-tapping screw through the black bracket as far as it will go. DO NOT put the screw into the hole already made; this hole is there due to the moulding system of the plastic parts of the trike.


What are the differences between the original model Recliner and the newer version?

The newer version of the Recliner has a rain cover, bottle holder and rounded EVA wheels. The original version has the flat wheels the same as the Zoo range and does not come with a rain cover or bottle holder.

What is the difference between a Deluxe Smart Trike & a Zoo Smart Trike?

The differences between the two ranges are the design patterns and the fabrics. The Zoo range also has a brake mechanism on the back wheel and has more developed wheels.

Using/Repairing Smart Trike

Functions to a Smart Trike

  • Steering Lock – Can only be found on My First Trike, it locks the front wheel so that the child cannot turn it whilst the parent is pushing.
  • Clutch – Found on the front wheel, looks like a hubcap. Pull it out to disengage the peddles and push back in to engage.
  • Brake – Only on the Zoo, Recliners and some All In One models. Found on the back axle. Push down to apply the brake; it will only lock the wheel closest to it.
  • Recline Seat – Only found within the recliner range. Button either side of the chair; push both in at the same time to recline.
  • Rain Cover – Only available with the new style Recliners (rounded EVA wheels and spring clip bottle holders with this model only too).

The pedals on my Smart Trike still rotate when the clutch is disengaged?

The pedals will continue to rotate when the clutch is disengaged, however there is no force transmitted from the front wheel to the pedals or visa versa. As long as the clutch is pulled out correctly the pedals will stop rotating as soon as they come into contact with anything. After some use the pedals will stop rotating when the trike is moving.

The hub-cap on the back wheel of my Zoo trike has fallen off?

It has been noted that on some Zoo trikes the hub-cap on the back wheel may become detached and fall off. It can be re-attached by placing the back coloured part of the wheel through the main wheel, lining up the hub-cap and pressing it firmly into place. Smart Trike has advised that glue can be used to secure the hub-cap in place but please make sure that the glue used is suitable for plastic. If the hub-cap is lost please contact Customer Service via the form on this website to request a replacement.

My trike will not steer using the parent handle at the back, or will not steer much or more to one side than the other?

The parent handle is really there to guide the trike and has about a 15 degree turning circle. Some trikes do turn more to the right than the left but this tends to be an increase in the turning circle rather than a reduction. On the My First, Cupcake & All In One models the parent handle does not steer the front wheel. On other models if the parent handle does not turn the front wheel it could be that the cable inside the body has become disconnected. This would mean that the body itself will need to be replaced.

Where can the steering lock be found on My First Trike?

The steering lock can be found just below the handlebars but above the circular compartment. It has small indentation marks on it and is part of the connector that goes round the handlebars. To lock the handlebars so that they cannot steer you need to push this down, to unlock it you need to pull it up.

The rigid harness keeps popping out of the handle bar compartment (not Recliner or All In One)?

To secure the rigid harness on your Smart Trike, make sure that the bolt for the seat is placed in the front hole on the body. The harness should then clip into the handlebars and over the back of the seat to secure it into place. When the rigid harness is not needed anymore, place the seat in the rear hole on the body to give more room for the child to pedal.

The pedal has come off of my trike, how do I replace it?

  • If you have the pedal we can just send a replacement washer and some instructions on how to reattach it.
  • If the pedal has been lost we will have to replace that too.
  • Instructions on how to re-fit the pedals are in the Instructions section on this website.

My parent handle will not extend, it seems to be stuck?

Remove the parent handle from the trike. Place the parent handle between your legs so that the side of your feet are holding the bottom. Push the button down hard with one hand and with the other wiggle the handle while pulling up. You may find that a lot of the parts are stiff due to temperatures changing on transit and storage.

The safety belts are not long enough?

The safety belts are all a standard size for each model. We do not have stock of longer straps but please check that they have been extended to their fullest length as most are adjustable.

There are no shoulder straps?

Shoulder straps are not on all Smart Trike models, we have many Smart Trike models in our range, and a lot of them look very similar in colour. We advise all customers when buying a Smart Trike to check what specifications it has and the extras it comes with. Each Smart Trike in our range is different in and sometimes the shop you purchase it from can affect this. (Shoulder straps were originally not included with the Plus models, however from July 2010 Shipments they will include shoulder straps).

What is the white bit of string attached to the safety pin on the parent handle?

The string is there to help avoid the pin being lost when the parent handle is not fitted to the trike. The string can be tied to the parent handle.

The toy mobile phone does not work on the Zoo Smart Trike Range?

Please be advised that all mobiles on the Smart Trike range only work with non-alkaline batteries such as retailer own brand. They do not work with alkaline batteries such as Duracell. Should it still not work after trying non-alkaline batteries then we will replace the phone free of charge. (This is being changed so that the phones can be used with alkaline batteries).

How does the brake mechanism work on my Smart Trike?

Push down with foot to apply the brake; it will only stop the back wheel closest to it. This is not a full braking system and will not be strong enough to prevent rolling on a steep slope or hill.

How do I move the seat on my Recliner Smart Trike?

There are round buttons either side of the chair, push them in at the same time and the seat will recline. To move the seat backwards and forwards you will find a lever under the chair on either side. Slide these and then push the seat back (the seat cannot be slid back when the rigid harness and additional footrest are in use).

The handlebars are locked in one position on my My First Trike?

Please check that the steering lock is not on. If it is not then the circular compartment has not been lined up correctly when the screw was secured in place.

Spare Parts

Can I purchase a rain cover for my Smart Trike?

The Rain covers are now in stock as an additional item and are £12.00 each including postage and packaging. The Rain Cover can be added to any Smart Trike which has and is using a canopy. These can be ordered from our website mookie-toys.co.uk, clicking Spare Parts and selecting part code 9976RPC and then following the process to make a payment.

Non-replaceable Spare Parts

Not all parts are replaceable:
  • Cable – Replacement body
  • Footrests – Replacement body
  • Hand Grips – Full handlebars
  • Fixtures/Nuts & Bolts – Check which item(s) are needed from the list on the instructions
  • Pedals – If pedal is not lost then a washer to attach to wheel
  • Clutch – Replacement new front wheel